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to our space

We're very excited to have you!

Some helpful information:

Our studio opens 15 minutes prior to class, and locks during class instruction. Please arrive at least five minutes early to get settled in - late arrivals are not possible. 

To keep our practice space safe and free of clutter, please store personal belongings in the cubbies and dressing rooms provided. 

You deserve time for yourself - and many of our students arrive needing a respite from their day. To ensure the best experience for everyone, kindly mute fitness trackers, silence phones, and store electronics outside of the studio. Our practice space is a no alerts, no phone zone. We thank you for your help in creating this sacred space.

Class sizes are intentionally small. If you must cancel or change a booking, please do so from your client dashboard no later than two hours prior to class start time. This allows other students the opportunity to reserve the spot we have held for you. Not canceling prior to the cut off time will result in the loss of the class. 

We are a very small (but mighty!) locally owned studio. While our operating hours are limited to class times, we're here for you via email at, and we check voice messages at our main Studio (907-677-8573) Mon-Fri, 4:00-7:30pm. 

What do I need to know?

We offer a wide range of classes and suggest trying each one before settling on your favorites. Some are inventive fusions, others are traditional yoga and dance. Exploration and discovery are encouraged here! We invite you to arrive with an open heart and open mind. By leaving preconceived notions, ego, and self judgement at the door, we allow for the most authentic and deeply resonant of experiences to emerge.


I'm not a "dancer" and am feeling a little intimidated...

Did you bob your head or tap your foot or wiggle your bum to a song recently? Looks like the natural human aptitude for dance already exists within you. 
The Annex is a community space that celebrates movement in all styles, and makes it available and accessible to all levels. No student is judged or graded - we're all just here to feel, and to feel good. Modifications are provided and encouraged - although you will be enthusiastically pushed and supported! We guarantee you'll find a class format and instructor that feel right for you. 


What do I wear and bring?

Depends on the class! You can never go wrong with fitted fitness or yoga attire and bare feet if you're just trying out something new. 
Yoga/Meditation/Sound Bath classes: yoga attire, yoga mat, and any special props you may desire.
Vixen classes: bare feet or indoor sneakers for warm up/workout; platform Pleasers heels with ankle strap for erotic floorwork (available locally at The Look or on Amazon) and kneepads. No, you won't break your ankle in these heels, and we promise it makes accessing the choreography easier!

Hip Hop/Fitness/Dance Cardio classes: clean *indoor* sneakers. If they were worn in from the parking lot, they can't be worn in class.
Ballet: Read shoe sizing and reviews carefully, and order online. Canvas, split-sole shoes with pre-sewn elastics can make life easier. And a beautiful new leotard can add some motivation!

Be sure to bring a water bottle, but if you forget, we do have a water fountain.


How do I sign up?

Spots are limited; reserve yours in advance by creating an account and managing your bookings and cancelations through the client dashboard. We recommend using a laptop or "desktop view" from your device. Sure, the booking system can occasionally feel a little clunky, but friends, it's how we're able to provide classes for now! Thank you for your understanding.


What are current Covid mitigations?

Masks are now optional, but may be required in select classes - (indicated when booking). We support whatever you feel most comfortable with! 

Class sizes remain limited.

If you are feeling unwell in any way - please, stay home. <3

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