The Annex is a new mid-town sanctuary for movers and yogis of all skill levels.
As the sister studio of Studio Pulse Center for Dance, we celebrate movement and healing modalities in all of their various forms.
Creative adventure seekers, yoga practitioners looking for more, and anyone seeking a cathartic release will find themselves at home in our body-positive space. Our studio offers traditional and non-traditional yoga, dance, and fitness classes on a seasonal rotation, and a passion for intuitive movement touches all we do. You'll sweat. You'll smile. You'll feel great from the inside out.

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Find classes that are right for you by reading descriptors below. We now offer both drop-in classes and course series to accommodate a wide range of interests and schedules. 

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Pop in when you’re able, or purchase a reduced-rate class package and reserve your spot in advance.


BUTI YOGA - (Returning in the fall!) A rhythm-inspired fusion of yoga, primal dance, and plyometrics, ideal for the yogi looking to spice things up! This fun, intense workout on the mat sculpts + tones the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. If you crave a creative, booty-kicking practice that gets you out of your head and into your body, this is it. Buti Sculpt is heated to 80°F and set to a banger playlist- imagine yoga, but in the club. Expect lots of hootin' and hollerin' and to leave feeling strong, beautiful, and confident!


POP YOGA - Explore creative vinyasa-inspired flows in this upbeat yoga practice. Move with the breath through variations of sun salutations, warrior sequences, balancing forms, and deep stretches in a room heated to 80 degrees. With strong holds set to pop music, it's the perfect light hearted opportunity to get out of your head and into your body!

WARM FLOW YOGA - (Returning in the fall!) The perfect yoga practice to reflect, restore, and reconnect to the mind, body and breath. Heated to 85°F and set to a beautifully curated playlist, Gentle Flow incorporates traditional vinyasa flow movement with restorative forms and focuses on inclusive and accessible movement for all yogis to enjoy. You can expect candlelight, calming aromatherapy, and access to bolsters, blankets, and blocks to customize your yoga practice. Gentle Flow closes with a generous reclining meditation (Savasana) so that you leave this practice feeling centered and rested. 


BODIED - This signature Studio Pulse class has been developed and refined by studio founder Stephanie Wonchala over the course of eight years. Conditioning-focused and dance-inspired, it's the perfect peppy sweat sesh for anyone who loves to move their body to music. Enthusiastic coaching includes a thorough warm up, energetic dance cardio, weights, HIIT, and stretching. Surprise yourself with how hard you can push! Water bottle and clean indoor sneakers necessary. 

VIXEN FITNESS & CHOREOGRAPHY - This signature Studio Pulse class (formerly “Burlesque Body”) has been developed and refined by studio founder Stephanie Wonchala over the course of eight years, and is popular with our adventurous ladies ages 18+! You will sweat, grind, twerk, jiggle, and stretch into the most confident version of your body. This class is ideal for anyone looking for a sassy warm up and sexy floorwork, inspired by the athleticism of erotic dance. Kneepads, indoor sneakers, and clean platform heels recommended! Options to dress up and film the choreography will be made available to those interested.

Advance registration for full series required; these longer classes have limited spots available, and follow a course trajectory designed for student success.
Series require advance registration. Due to limited capacity, drop-ins are not possible.
Current and upcoming series dates are posted on the schedule.



These classes focus on barre work, proper technique and alignment, and cater to the ballerina in you! Expect explanations of French ballet terminology, demonstrations, and repetition of proper technique. Courses offered in multi-week series.

Intro to Ballet: For dancers with no or minimal experience. A great way to learn about the art of ballet.

Beginner/Early Intermediate Ballet: For the advanced beginner ready to be challenged.
Intermediate/Adv: Take your dancing up a notch with a broader movement vocabulary and more complex combinations, as well as ankle strengthening and pointe work, if applicable.


CONTEMPORARY/MODERN (Open level - some dance experience recommended)
An eclectic mix of contemporary, modern, and post-modern styles, students will experience some elements of ballet, jazz, countertechnique, flying low, and floor flow elements, depending on the series’ focus and the instructor’s personal training background. Expect a thorough warm up, technical exercises, traveling combinations, and emotive choreography aimed to help dancers move bigger, more fluidly and more spatially, and with strength and flexibility.

Learn popular dance moves incorporated into original choreography. Class includes a guided warm up, isolations, hard-hitting exercises, and footwork. Build stamina while executing beginner-friendly choreography set to a wide range of hip hop & r&b music. A guaranteed good time with great combos you can feel confident dancing! Series introduce various stylistic elements of hip hop, and then build to a longer routine which will be filmed at the last class.