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Spring-Summer Session has dropped!


What students are saying:



This was my first class with the annex and I attended Stephanie’s yoga. It was so much fun! It was a very friendly environment, laughter from some of the fun moves, and lots of hard work!


"Classes are special because when you're here, you're free from judgment, even judgment from yourself. Classes are a practice that allow me to embrace what my body can do in both its strong and weak moments. I went for the workout. I keep coming back because of the powerful and feminine energy I reinvigorate within myself every time I show up."



This studio is a gem! I have taken yoga classes all over the world and am a certified yoga teacher. I would rate this studio as one of my top 5 favorites. I loved the fluidity and playfulness of the practice and Stephanie the instructor is probably one of the best teachers I have been around. They teach a lot of different classes, and I signed up for as many as I could take while visiting Alaska. I highly recommend checking out this studio! 



Loved the contemporary series with Robyn. I am by no means a trained dancer and never felt like things were out of reach. A great class.



"If you have a chance to take a bass-bumpin', ass-shakin' class from Stephanie at Studio Pulse [The Annex], DO IT. Just lost 10 lbs in sweat and stress in her Yoga class. The woman is a beast -- my new life goal is to have 1/6 of her energy. I had to modify practically every exercise, but I didn't even care because the music was so good, the vibe in the room was unintimidating, and we moved on too quickly for me to dwell on anything resembling a "failure." The little call-outs she does to keep the class engaged are sincerely encouraging, and her message of love and self-acceptance before she dismissed the class was exactly what everyone needs to hear when they've just had their butts kicked. At least it was perfect for me. Thanks for making the class accessible to everyone, Stephanie. I'll be back!"
- Colby



I took a class at the Annex for the first time last night, and LOVED everything about it. The space itself is beautiful and has a great energy- everything is brand new! The daily classes provide a one-stop self care/fitness option or are perfect for when your body and soul need something better than the gym. The classes are fun, energizing, and challenging workouts. There is nothing else like it in Anchorage, and it's exciting that we now have this fitness option!



I ended up walking away with a class package because I enjoyed my time so much. I felt I could let loose and tap into a playful part of me that I don't connect with much these days. I felt expertly guided by the teacher and enjoyed the music selection. I'm looking forward to taking Bodied and Vixen Fitness this week.



I recently visited the Annex for a Yoga class with Stephanie...and WOW! I had heard a lot of amazing things from several people about this class with whom I practice yoga, but nothing substitutes it for a personal trip there yourself! The annex is new and beautifully decorated, the layout is thoughtfully planned with fun lights and pretty smells (hello, lavender!!!), and on top of that, Stephanie is an amazing instructor where you'll DEFINITELY get your money's worth in a workout session! Highly, highly recommend--especially if you're sitting on the fence about it. Just try it out!


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2452 East Tudor Rd., Anchorage, AK 99503
Located next to Namaste Indian Restaurant
(907) 677-8573
Feel free to email us!
Phone services are available during our main studio's business hours, Mon-Fri, 4:00-7:30pm.
Messages will be answered then.



The studio opens 15 minutes prior to class start time and is locked during class instruction time.
Late arrivals are not possible - please arrive at least 5 minutes early to check in & settle in.

For the best experience for all students, our practice space is a no phone zone.

STUDIO RENTAL IS AVAILABLE. Check out rates and open times, then email us!
Learn more about our main studio, complete with full dance programming for ages 2-18:
Learn more about our studio's resident adult performing company & upcoming shows:
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